On March 17 2015 we decided to 'do' a Zine.  

We wanted to create something that included our heroes, our peers and our friends. 

We started by going big, contacting the people we admired, the people whose work we loved and simply asked “Can you help?” and then, much to our surprise, they did.

Throughout the process there has been varying degrees of 'fanboying', a lot of faffing, listening to far too much Oasis and a weird moment when, on meeting Will Broome we all spotted a Michael Jackson impersonator in full costume casually crossing the road - with his mum.

We want to thank all our contributors, Ben Rayner for finally tracking down and documenting Shawn Powers. 

Will Broome for ALL THAT DRAWING. Eden Bristowe, our model in WET WET WET, for putting up with us dousing her in water every 10 minutes. Grant Hatfield for ever capturing a "cock bubble" BO NINGEN for having the greatest hair we have ever seen. Eddie Martin and George Pank for, firstly creating one of our favourite documentaries of last year and then even more for giving us access to the family photos and unseen images of behind the scenes. 

Ratboy for having a burberry checked car AND a Tretchikov. To Simon Landrein for creating inspiring new work JUST FOR US.


Sam, Ben and Daryl.